Benjamin Daniel Lawless

Benjamin Daniel Lawless is a storyteller. A poet, specifically. He’s also a web developer, book publisher, graphic designer, podcast host, and father. If he gets a chance for a nap, he’ll take it.

Book Design

Penciled In

HavenCats, Cowboys, and CricketsThe Eternal Life of TreesThe ABC's of SLO County
A book design company and publisher based in San Luis Obispo county, founded by Benjamin Lawless. Since 2005, Ben has designed 75 books.

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if&when Issue 1if&when Issue 2if&when Issue 3if&when Issue 4

A literary magazine that aimed to not only present creativity, but foster it. To that end, issues included short fiction, short creative nonfiction, poetry and single literary lines, as well as activities and prompts to encourage picking up a pen and writing.

Co-founded by Victoria Sepulveda and Benjamin Lawless. Designed by Benjamin Lawless. Published by Penciled In.

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Science Faction: Where Science Meets Fact Meets Fiction

Since Episode 295 in April 2020, Benjamin Daniel Lawless has been a regular co-host of Science Faction, along with Steven Domingues and Devon Craft.

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The Last Spelling Bee

Whether he’s writing a to-do list for time travelers, spinning a tall tale of how he won his sixth grade spelling bee, or painting a picture of life in a distant galaxy, Lawless’ work remains spry and lively, full of humor and surprising moments of mature clarity. For example, in “Spring Cleaning,” the volcanic mountain range surrounding San Luis Obispo suddenly erupts, destroying everything human and man-made in the area. “And we deserve it too, living as we do,” writes Lawless. “The arrogance of convenience, / our microwave ovens, / the slow drip in the kitchen sink.”

Benjamin Daniel Lawless’ collected poems: 2009-2011.

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There Is Nothing Poetic About Fish

Benjamin Daniel Lawless’ first collection of poetry.
Released 2009.

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Other Pursuits

The day jobs

Benjamin is an Associate Director of Technology at Level Studios.

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Benjamin is also a crossing guard for the Atascadero Unified School District.


Ben’s an amateur iPhone-ographer.

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